To Facebook or Not To Facebook…..That Is The Question

Posted on July 18, 2010


Day 1: Did you ‘Like’ my comment? Day 2: Did you ‘Like’ my picture? Day 3: Why didn’t anybody comment on my status? Day 4: The news feed is slow today. Day 5: Plenty of status updates today.

It seems there is one thing I do more than I eat, use the bathroom, or even pray. Check or update my status on Facebook. I can not help but think that this is pretty sad, but despite my addiction to check or update Facebook I actually am compelled to say I have a life.

I have a wife and newborn son. I have a great job. I have love, life, & family. I also have 300 or so friends that go every where I go. Well, on Facebook that is. Because it’s near impossible for me to watch a movie, travel, see my son drool in a new creative way, or even go to work without updating my 300+ friends on that very experience.

I am so connected I have started to wonder if I’m too connected.

“To Facebook or Not To Facebook….That Is The Question”

I’m literally so connected I have wondered if I should alleviate myself of this huge burden to update my whole social existence every time I so much as lift a finger or fart. I should cast this mountain into the sea. Never to feel burdened to update again. Never to wonder why no one has decided to ‘Like’ or comment on my status again. Never to wonder how I am going to get rid of that person I accepted as a friend because I see them everyday, but am too scared to remove them afraid they will notice. Forcing me to explain my actions the next time they see me.

I attempt to weigh the pros and cons. Well, Facebook has too much of my information and they’re trying to share it with Tom, Dick, & Harry. Problem with that is that Tom, Dick, & Harry are not on my friends’ list. What will Tom, Dick, & Harry do with my information? They can’t do much. Can they? It’s just a DOB, hometown, graduating college, siblings, wife, etc….. I mean really, how important can that information really be!? But the thought alone of someone I don’t know paying for it scares me.

On the other hand, how else would I be able to update all my “true” friends and relatives on what I just ate. All jokes aside. I was able to keep family & friends updated on-the-minute while my wife was in labor. Which was priceless and much easier than calling everyone. Social networking has made me lazy, but so has text messaging. It’s given me an easy way to get information to important people in my life.

At the end of the day, I’m not sure what’s more important. My total and complete privacy or the ability to stay connected with those close to me.

To Facebook or Not To Facebook…..That Is The Question