“Cheating” The New Fad

Posted on July 19, 2010


Cheating has become all too common these days. I have heard numerous stories within the last year on people I know directly and indirectly that have experienced being cheated on or cheated on someone. It is sad to see the demise of relationships, marriages, most of all families.

In this day and age some are allowing cheating. Within the last few years Will & Jada Smith have admitted to having an “open marriage”. South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford had the word “faithful” removed from his wedding vows all together (slick bastard…..lol). As recently as last week Mo’Nique has admitted to having an open marriage with her husband.

Cheating has gone retro………….lol! It has gotten so hard to keep people from cheating that people have decided to succumb and supplement ways to cheat and be happily married (oxymoron). How exactly do you approach your spouse and ask her if you can implement some organized form of cheating. If I approached my wife on wanting to sleep with other women; I have an idea of how it will go down:

Me: Honey, I’m a man and sometimes I have “extra” needs past what you can provide.

My wife: Really, what can that possibly be?

Me: Sometimes I need to have sex with other women.

Okay, I would go further, but before I can elaborate the frying pan, toaster, kitchen knives, butter knives, any pots & pans still in the kitchen would have been flung towards me. And sorry to be a “Cheating” fad killer, but I wouldn’t expect any other response. Marriage was meant to be a sacred bond between two people. Yes, I sound so cliche, but it’s the truth.

In summary, there will be no marriage before I or my wife ever decide to have our sexual needs met by others. If I wanted to have tons of unbridled, hot, sweaty, monkey sex with scores of women I would have stayed single.

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