Twilight: Man Law Violation?

Posted on July 20, 2010


You had me at ‘hello’. Or at least that’s how I felt when I saw the very first preview in 2008. I was sitting at home watching television with my wife. I was half watching a preview and then this guy stops a car with his bare hand. Saving some young lady. At that moment I knew this was the movie for me.

BUT unbeknown to me this movie had a huge following that immediately caused me to back pedal. Not to soon after I saw this preview I began to hear on entertainment shows, news, & through people that this was the most amazing love story ever. At that moment I shut down. I realized that a movie touted as an amazing love story could not be something I wanted to see. It was reported on the news as the movie to see for girls/women. Not only that, but it would be a huge violation of the “Man Law”

Article 1.45.98 B – Thou shalt not willingly venture out or in for that matter to see a “chick flick” unless purely to gain some type of attention from a particular female.

I decided immediately that this movie was not for me. Then a sequel comes forth the following year and I easily ignore that also. Then 2010 falls upon me with Twilight: Eclipse. I have matured a lot in the last few years……..kinda… And I up and say to my wife:

Hey, I think these Twilight movies may be kinda cool. I think we should watch the past movies and then watch Twilight: Eclipse.

My wife said sure. That was it! Nothing happened. Fire & Brimstone did not rain down. A crowd of angry men with torches and pitchforks did not show up at my door. Nothing. My wife & I watched both movies that very weekend. Needless to say they were awesome. I’ve watched them several times since. Now I’ve been dying to see the newest addition.

At the end of the day I realized how silly it is to follow these unspoken “Man Laws”. But it sucks to be ridiculed by your friends. That’s why I haven’t shared with any of my male friends my new found enjoyment. Matter of fact, I am now reading the first Twilight book and when I bring it to work I bring it in the Barnes & Nobles bag. If I’m at lunch and a man is in the room; I don’t read it. Hey, I’m sorry. At the end of the day……….I have a reputation to upheld. Once again, I’ve matured…………kinda…

Any who, I think these movies are great. I think the books are too so far. But for now I will keep this little affair private. So don’t tell any of the fellas! This means you!!!!!! Lol!

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