Healthy Eating Sucks

Posted on July 27, 2010


This will probably be the worst article I have ever written. So please bear with me. But in all honesty, healthy eating sucks!

I have been eating healthy & working out consistently since June 4th, 2010. Don’t take this lightly. I use to eat like a beast. When I started dating my wife I would eat:

  • a whole medium pizza hut pizza (I only stopped because I couldn’t afford at that time in my life to get my wife a pizza and myself a separate pizza)
  • Subway cold cut trio footlong w/ an extra 6″ cold cut trio
  • Burger double whopper MEAL w/ an extra whopper on the side
  • the list goes on and on……..

When I started this health kick in June I weighed in at a whopping 202.5 lbs. Which is actually lighter than what I weighed last year. Last year I actually tipped the scale at 210 lbs. Today. Right Now. This Very Minute. I currently weigh 189 lbs.

You’re probably scratching your head now wondering why I would say healthy eating sucks, huh!?! Well, 13.5 lbs later I can say that it has not been easy. 6 day a week; 1 hour workouts. And healthy eating habits. Truth is, I would like to eat a big ole fat juicy, artery clogging, heart stopping, funeral recession cheeseburger. Oh and don’t forget fries and a sprite. I don’t care where it comes from. It can come from McDonald’s, Burger King, Andy’s, Fuddrucker’s, Your Mama, My Neighbor (who loves big ole fat red meat evidently measuring by the times a week he’s on his grill), Checkers, Wendy’s. I just want it! I want pizza. I want a cheesesteak. I want KRISPY KREME DONUTS!!!!!!!!!! The only thing that has kept me from losing my mind these past 2 months is the change I have seen. My small pants have turned into big pants. My belts need extra holes. My shirts now have to be buttoned all the way up to the top because the necks are too big. It’s absolutely joyously ridiculous. And it makes me feel real good.

My conclusion: Eating healthy sucks, but being able to look at myself in the morning and be happy with what I see means much more to me. Not only that, but my Father died of a stroke and I do not plan on going down the same road. If that means I can only eat 1 burger a week without the sprite and fries. So be it! It’s all worth it.

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