10 Things I Love To Hate

Posted on August 4, 2010


1. Drivers that pull out in front of me expeditiously and drive slow.

2. Individuals that constantly complain. Does not matter how good something is they can always find something negative to say.

3. Grass. I hate cutting my grass. I wish it were AstroTurf or maybe concrete painted green. Lol!

4. Spam. I don’t want your magic blue pill. Seriously. You do not have to send me an email every single day for the rest of my life and into my retirement asking if I’d like one. If I want one I’ll find you. Maybe when I retire I’ll need it….

5. Reality Shows. Life is real enough for me. Okay, I may be lying a teeeeeeeny bit. Jersey Shore is highly addictive.

6. Stumping my toe on a wall. Lord just kill me!!!!!! The pain is excruciating. Lol……maybe I went a little to far with the kill me part. I’d rather be water-boarded and forced to watch re-runs of Lassie.

7. When it rains and my satellite goes out. Seriously. Man has created fire. We put a man on the moon. Broken the sound barrier. Unearthed the Chia Pet. But for some reason Direct TV still can’t manage to get me a signal in the rain. SMH…

8. Infomercials. Occasionally I become an insomniac. During these times I would really appreciate some quality televisions shows. Not a Super Dicer. Not a machine that could work out muscles that Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn’t even know exist. Not a Snuggie. Just a good ole movie. I don’t think I’m asking for much.

9. Hours of the mall on Sunday. I can’t be the only one who has woken up Sunday morning with nothing to wear to church; and wished that the mall was open.

10. Individuals that cannot park their cars between two lines. Because now I have to park as bad as you did to get into the parking space. Now the next person is going to come and look at my car and say ‘look at this idiot that can’t park between two lines’.

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