I Won The Lottery!!!!! Now What!?!

Posted on August 4, 2010


I don’t really play the lottery. At least not religiously, but if I did I have the plans on how I would spend my money. Here’s my Lottery Winning Action Plan:

0. Praise God!!!!

1. Speak with lawyer on how much we (wife & I) will have after taxes and how do we bank it all safely. Because you should know that the FDIC only insures a bank customer up to $250,000.

2. Set-up a plan so that we could live off the interest and never actually have to touch the real money. So that we will always be categorized as millionaires.

3. Write a will. So that the money goes to the correct places in the unfortunate event that we pass.

4. Figure out how I’m going to write that many zeros on a check to the church with my 10% + Pastor’s offering.

5. Respectfully put in a 1 hour resignation at my job. I’m assuming it will take me 1 hour to wrap up everything to make sure I get the remainder of my hard earned money. Lol!

6. Pay off all the bills: vehicles, school loans, house, etc…

7. Break off immediate family a 1-time payment. One time. Una vez. مرة واحدة. Një kohë. Einmal. Une fois. I can say ‘One Time’ in more languages if need be.

8. If feasible also build each of our moms a home with a car that they can afford to pay the taxes on.

9. Build ourselves a home in either Greenville, Raleigh, or Cary.

10. Vacation indefinitely…

Any who, until that happens I need to make sure I get my butt to work on time. What’s your Lottery Winning Action Plan?

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