How Can I Convince My Wife….

Posted on August 13, 2010


How can I convince my wife to ask me to buy a SUV!?! Seriously, if you know of any ways to get this done that do not involve me losing my life. I’m game!

Let me give you a little history first. A good friend of mine acquired a new vehicle and that good friend made the unfortunate mistake of letting the whiff of that new vehicle smell weaken my senses. Well, not unfortunate for him, but unfortunate for myself. I am now in hot pursuit of my very own sports utility vehicle. Honda, Lexus, or a Range will do…

I have a few ideas below. If you have any better ones, please submit them:

1. Push my current vehicle in a lake. And say:

Oh my, you won’t believe this (and neither will I). A furious driver ran me off the road…

2. Tell her that I can no longer fit in my current vehicle. And pretend that I’m in pain every time she rides in my vehicle.

3. Tell her that I think there’s a hole in a pipe in my car that is causing a carbon monoxide leak. And pretend to fall asleep while driving when she’s in the car.

4. My vehicle isn’t ‘green’. I need a vehicle that is kinder to the environment. I’d hate to hurt the little plants, animals, etc….yada…yada…yada…

5. Tell her that my Lexus is made by Toyota and that they’re recalling it because it accelerates off cliffs.

You think any of these will work!?!

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