Hunger Payne: The Pit

Posted on September 27, 2010


This weekend I visited a restaurant called The Pit in downtown Raleigh, NC. It was definitely a hidden gem. I would have not been able to find it without my trusty gps.

Day 1: My wife & I attempted to go the first night around 7pm. We made the mistake of underestimating the popularity of the restaurant. The Pit was tucked into a quiet part of downtown that I would have not normally ventured unless I was looking for parking. There were several people standing outside in what appeared to be an attempted line. The building was not much on the eyes. Regular old brick building on the outside. I asked the valet how long the wait would be and he stated about an hour. I was so hungry I almost cried, but I had to be strong for my family. So I herded the family back to the car. I knew that’s not were we would be eating dinner for the night. We lost the battle that night and ate at Kanki Japanese House of Steaks and Sushi (video below).

Day 2: My wife really wanted to go to The Pit so we decided we better go as early as possible. We showed up at 11am and were happy to know that they opened at 11am. We waltzed right in as excited as kids in a candy store. The inside definitely did not represent the look on the outside. The restaurant had a very classy look & feel. On the far left their was a bar, but before that there was lots of available seating. As we were seated around a glass partition on the right the anticipation started to grow. Seriously, who knew the word southern food and upscale could fit in the same sentence. The menu was simple. Enjoy the photos below of the experience.

As you can see the the food looks spectacular and the place looks great. Give it a try when you’re in town!

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