Things To Do When It Rains (for satellite owners)

Posted on September 27, 2010


The harsh reality of satellite is a simple equation:

Rain + Satellite = Find Something to Do

Why on Gods’ green earth this has not prompted me to ditch satellite is something that I may get into later. For now I am a happy satellite owner until torrential rains, thunderstorms, tropical storms, heavy clouds that carry rain, etc…. This still leaves one issue. What do I do when it rains!?! Well, here is my list of things to do when it rains (for satellite owners). Hey….you cable owners can get in on this in case you get bored of watching all that telemundo during the rain (i hate y’all). Let us not delay any longer. Here we go:

1. Call someone who has cable. Ask them what’s on. Ask them what they’re watching. Heck, ask them if you can come over and watch their television.

2. Read a book. Remember to stare over the top of the book every 60 seconds at the tv. Sometimes it feels like the more you stare at the tv; the more likely it is to come on sooner.

3. Talk to the other person beside you on the couch staring at the “searching for signal” message hoping that it will disappear. They may look weird to you, but it’s okay. I promise y’all know each other, but you’ve spent so much time looking at tv that you almost forgot they exist. Ask them their name. That’s a good start. After that it will all start to come back to you.

4. Clean something. Whatever you clean, make sure it’s located near the tv. Because if the satellite comes back on cleaning time is over!!! Finished!!! Terminado!!! Finis!!!

5. If you have a child or several children. Now is a perfect time to play with them. You can even fool them if they’re too young to comprehend the satellite issue. Tell them you want to spend some time together. Warning: If the satellite comes back on while you’re playing with your child or children try not to drop them or push them over when running back to the tv set. I relinquish myself of all liability in the case you trample your child in the name of television.

6. Last but not least, call your local cable company. Ask them about their packages. Do some pricing. It’s always good to be well informed of your options.

Moral of the story. You shouldn’t have to be forced by forces of nature to spend time with family/friends and discover hobbies. Whether you have cable or satellite should not be an excuse for you to forgo spending time with your loved ones and learning to enjoy new things in life.

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