The Death of Paper

Posted on September 30, 2010


I have seen lots of changes throughout the years, but I have never thought I would see the time when paper met its match. When I think about it……maybe I unknowingly quit on paper a long time ago.

The last time I owned a printer was in college. One of those times in your life when money was scarce. Sometime during that period of my life I decided that the upkeep, printer cartridges and paper costs of a printer were too much. That was the last time I owned a printer. Since than I have learned to survive other ways. My alternatives became email, flash drives, cellphones, smartphones, etc… Unknowingly I no longer had a use for paper. Despite the fact that I get a phone book delivered to my house every year. I never open it. Unfortunately my phone book isn’t there when I need it. It’s limited to one area. It’s never in the car when I’m on the highway and need the number to the closest hotel. It does make an absolutely amazing coaster for cold beverages! Bottom line, my use for printed paper products have dwindled.

I’m not the only one in on this conspiracy. Several major companies have joined the battle to totally eradicate the use of libraries, barnes & noble, newspapers, phonebooks, magazines and other paper products.

For instance:




Smartphone Manufacturers

Even advertisement has changed. If you own a vehicle chances are  you have seen at least one electronic billboard. Lets be honest…..they’re pretty hot! Especially at night!!!

That’s right folks. Paper is being replaced at an alarming rate. This is definitely not a trend, but a lifestyle change. People want things to be more convenient. Hence it’s more convenient to carry 5 electronic books versus 5 real books. After all, I’d hate to hurt my back lugging those old things around. At the end of the day it’s change. Change is a part of life.

If you truly desire to find meaning for your paper. There is one thing left you can do with your paper. Burn it! Burning paper makes great for heat in extreme situations. In all seriousness……..let us embrace the future or live in the past.