It’s Not You…It’s Me…

Posted on October 6, 2010


Lets face it, there really is no good way to break up with someone. People have all these unwritten rules about bad ways to break up with someone, but truth is……… is the limit. Either way you do it your ex-significant other is gonna wish you were in hell when you’re done cutting the heart strings. Let us further examine the process or method of correctly breaking up with someone.

There are several ways to break up with someone. Our newest additions to the fold in the last 5 or so years is through the internet(Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc…) or in a text message. In my day it was either in a letter, on the phone, or face-to-face. My most popular form had always been on the phone. Reasons why:

1. You won’t be influenced on changing your mind by their facial appearance. Truth is, breaking up with someone can be hard. And seeing their little puppy dog face can throw your game off. Which may hold off the break-up for awhile, but eventually that puppy dog face con will wear off. It just pr0longs the pain for the “breaker upper”. Breaking up with others can be just plain scary; they have eyes that burn through your body and melt your soul.

2. They can’t physically hurt you. Some people have the tendency to react violently to being broken up with. Go figure…lol! Breaking up on the phone lengthens your life expectancy.

3. You can control the situation. I’ve broken up with someone and they would linger on the phone with the case of the…

  • why……?
  • what did i do wrong?
  • how can i fix it?
  • i’m sorry?
  • you’ll be sorry!!!
  • lets work this out?
  • it will never happen again
  • etc…etc…etc…

Fact of the matter is this is not a debate. We’re breaking up. There is only one vote and it’s mine. You can hang up whenever the situation gets too tense. That’s how you control the situation. You are King or Queen of the dial tone. Use it at will. For those offended, understand that breaking up is never easy and it’s apart of life. Bottom line is that everybody is not compatible. And sometimes you don’t know that until you’re in a relationship with that person. That is when you realize they are all wrong for you and suddenly you’re searching for the backdoor. Unfortunately the backdoor, frontdoor, and all the windows squeak, slam, or make some type of noise on the way out of the relationship.

Other methods of breaking up get the point across, but they just do not get the point home or may be too callus. A letter is okay, but that’s real lame. Face-to-face is just a big risk. You literally risk getting your face-booked by an angry ex. When breaking up you want to avoid violence at all costs.

Now, the new school ways of breaking up. Well, I’m not a fan of them at all. If you are going to use facebook to break up at least do not do it publicly. Publicly shaming someone can open you up for the same type of public humiliation in retaliation. Send it to the inbox, not their wall. Text message……that’s lame too. Breaking up is too complex for a text message unless your 6 years old. There is too much that may require explaining and such.

At the end of the day it’s your goal to be compatible with your significant other. If you so choose you can make a choice to no longer continue a relationship with someone and find someone that suits you better. If you are on the other end of the spectrum and you are the one getting cut loose. Look at it like this, they’re saving you time on finding the person you really need to be with. We all have been in an unproductive relationship that ended and realized after it was over we wasted so much time that we can’t get back. Wouldn’t you rather them let you go than drag it on? That’s debatable. Either way I hope this helps.

Breaking up doesn’t have to be hard, but if breaking up is necessary your goal is to keep the situation from breaking down.

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