I Stopped Talking To God

Posted on October 7, 2010


It just happened. Somewhere between a daily routine of…

  • what will I have for breakfast
  • should I wear the black or white shirt
  • oh no, I’m late for work
  • I have to go get my haircut
  • I have to go to the gym
  • I need a promotion
  • Should I go back to school, if so what should I major in
  • I’m happy to be on vacation
  • etc….etc….etc…..

Somewhere between routine over a period of time I stopped talking to God and didn’t realize it. I didn’t stop believing in God. I didn’t stop going to church. I just stopped holding regular conversation with Him. I stopped praying. I stopped asking Him for the answer. Sometime while I was in the middle of His blessings & my life I forgot to talk to him regularly.

It hurts to admit it, but I became to busy for my Source. My Father. My God. My Lord & Savior. It hit hard too. What if he became too busy for me? What if he didn’t have time to bless me? What if he didn’t have time to stop that car from almost hitting me in Greenville, NC traffic?

It became painfully obvious that I needed to find God. I needed to search for Him. I did not find God on the corner of 1st & Amistad such as The Fray (video below).

He was in the same place he had always been. Despite me being enthralled in my own business he was with me. Waiting on me. Hoping that I would acknowledge Him. It slowly came to me as I started to realize how much I needed Him in every sector of my life. Not only that but I started to recognize Him in all parts of my life. From the sun setting to the moon rising. Watching the clouds in the sky. I couldn’t believe I could have forgotten to talk to the most important one in my life.

Father, I want to ask for forgiveness. I give my word to never get wrapped up in anything more than You.

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