I Have A Pet Frog….(sorta)

Posted on October 15, 2010



Here he is sitting on my lawnmower again. I believe he's been trying to tell me to cut the grass.


About a month ago as I pulled into my garage I saw a green tree frog sitting on the handle of my lawn mower. I immediately knew this would be a creature my wife would not appreciate. Yet, despite knowing her feelings I decided to let the lil guy be.

The next day as I got into my car I glanced around the garage in search of the frog I dubbed “Kermit” (named for the apparent reasons). Kermit was no where to be found. As I pulled into the garage that afternoon I looked for Kermit. I was unable to find him. I eventually forgot all about him. A month went by and life went on. Bills were paid. I went to and fro from work. Grass was cut. Etc….etc…

Upon my arrival  home this week, guess who I see!?! Yes, Kermit. He is now quietly perched on a ledge behind my wife’s car. I think to myself……wow, he’s been in the garage for about a month and he is still living. I also thought to myself……….he’s probably ready to go home now. That’s when I decide to open the garage door and give him awhile to leave and find his true home in the wild world of suburbia. After an hour or so I step back in the garage and the little critter has not moved.

I spoke with my wife about it and her only response was…….get it out!!! At least until I explained to her that it would kill any and all insects that it found in the garage. I finally decided to close the garage door and go inside for the night. I now know that Kermit will be with us for awhile, but when he’s ready I will be willing to let him go.

This is my story about appreciation. I would like to give special thanks to Brett. He doesn’t know this, but the last time he stopped by my house he advised that I not kill a frog I found under my porch. After he explained why I learned that day to appreciate frogs more. Or for the most part, the little things in life… This is a story about appreciating life’s little gifts. Learning how to appreciate little things. Such as the sun peaking through the trees. Rainfall. A clear night’s sky. Or perhaps a green tree frog named Kermit. Take time to appreciate the little things in your life.

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