Social(ed) Out

Posted on November 15, 2010


I am social(ed) out. I am up to my eyeballs in social networking. Of course by writing this article I’m negating the simple fact that I’m tired of the whole social networking scene.

Within the past month or so I’ve been mentally sparring with myself over gracefully bowing out of social networks. I think it’s sad that I am having a hard time making a decision such as this. Is it really that hard to disconnect? To disconnect from 300+ friends. Miss out on the ‘News Feed’. Miss the latest Tweets. Miss that video that my friend thinks is the funniest video he’s ever seen until he finds another one in 5 minutes. And so on and so forth. My answer is ‘Yes’. It is hard to let go.

I have reconnected with family members through facebook that I would have otherwise had a difficult time locating. I have reconnected with friends from New Jersey that I haven’t seen or spoken to since I left the state. I have connected. But in some form I have disconnected. Why is it I can be in a crowded room and spend more time on my phone ‘social networking’ than conversing with the those directly around me? Strangers now stay strangers. You no longer just kick up conversation with the person on your right. Why? They’re on their phone social networking and so am I and so is the guy on my left. Everyone is so busy being connected that they’re disconnected from the world.

For example (true story):

Recently at my job they fenced up a specific walkway because a person starring down at their phone was hit (walked into) by a vehicle owned by the facility. After they fenced up the walkway they caught several more staff on camera walking into the fence by accident while starring at their cellphones. Guess if they weren’t sooooo connected they would have seen that a fence was now blocking what use to be a walkway.

And it’s not that I have disconnected from the world. I spend time with family. I somewhat spend time with friends. But I do not spend time engaging with others around me. It’s much easier to stay in my own world. And when I take my head out of my cellphone and look around. I see that others feel the same way. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve crossed a street looking at my cellphone.

I guess what I’m saying is that I want to see the world for what it was. What it was before the world was put into the palm of my hand. I feel the need to talk to a stranger. Too outwardly connect. My way of connecting with someone outside of my networking circle. Not saying I have the will or plan on totally disconnecting at this very moment, but it’s in the near future. To slowly spend more time interacting outside of a ‘social network’.

But for now, I am still connected and Social(ed) Out……..