What Do You Mean Santa’s Not Real!?!?!

Posted on December 10, 2010


I remember when I could barely sleep. Every night approaching Christmas was difficult. My mind did not waiver from the fact that presents would soon be waiting for me to play with them. And then the longest night of the whole year——–Christmas Eve. The night I practically slept with my eyes open. The night I woke up every hour or so and peered into my mothers room and asked “is it time yet?”

This movie clip from the movie Elf would probably be the equivalent to my excitement during Christmas.

Then I got older. I realized Santa wasn’t real. I actually understood that Christmas was not solely based around presents……….go figure! Lol! And once again….I got older. I remember the first year my mom toyed around with the notion of not putting up the Christmas tree. It was like a dagger to my heart.

Year after year it appeared that Christmas became less Christmassy. The “Mystique” I held as a child seemed to be wearing off. Seriously, why did it never occur to me that Santa was in every mall I went too? I must have thought he owned a corvette and zipped from mall-to-mall all day. Why didn’t it occur to me that apartments had no chimneys? Was Santa going to simply slip through the front door? If so, how did he get a master key to everyone’s house? Does Santa get the toys from the store closest to my house and then deliver them to my house? Because I saw the toy I was asking for in the store and I was thinking the store is waaaay closer to my house than the north pole. The questions went on and on….

As the questions piled up the ‘mystique’ slowly faded away. Fast forward to now. I am married with a child. I have had the sudden realization that my mom is what helped me hold that Christmas spirit as a child. I also realized that I am now a grown man and no one is going to develop the experience for me. Also, I am responsible for developing the experience for my child. I am now responsible. I am now the one who will give my child things to believe in. So if you ask me if Santa is real. He will be, for my child that is.

The Christmas season is a beautiful time of the year. I will make sure my son understands the meaning behind Christmas, but I will also allow him to enjoy his youth. I will let him dream…

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